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Street Pod is an external dining unit accommodating an intimate group and can be sanitised between occupations. It is an independent unit that takes up half a standard car parking bay (5m / 16.5'), accommodating up to 6 people and can be located outside your cafe, restaurant, bar, office, nursing home or hospital. It is a design response to the need for social distancing.


 The Street Eat POD is one application in StreetPods. Other Applications include the Home (office) Pod, the Meet Pod (for business meetings), the GreetPod (for Nursing Homes), PopPod (for music festivals and events) and the Market Pod (for street markets and ticketing booths). You have views both ways to the pavement and the street from your pod. It accommodates six on the inside. An advertising space provides a potential income stream  or branding opportunity.

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Brave New World

COVID-19 has made us all very aware of our own personal space, and after restaurants , cafes and bars reopen  many of us will want to go out for dinner, have a coffee or a drink with our intimate friends and family. The problem is that many of us are afraid to, and if we do some other people may come up and join us inadvertently putting us all at risk. This is a serious psychological concern that may impact customers confidence driving them to choose an establishment based on its ability to provide a protective environment. The weather is also unpredictable making open air dining difficult especially for evening sittings. 

Our restaurants and cafes are often too small to ensure adequate social distancing.  The Street Eat Pod provides additional space to the cafe  or a restaurant in a car parking space, it allows 1.3 m between diners in normal conditions, in an enclosed space and separate from other diners. The interior is easy to clean and sanitise between sittings.

The Street Pod is unique and distinctive, drawing attention to an establishment because it is innovative and topical. Many diners may choose to pay extra to book a pod. Advertising space on the pods face the street creating a new opportunity for an income stream. External standing or high still sitting on benches provide waiting space for the restaurant and additional special separation. 

Coronavirus may be with us for 3 year according the health professionals and we have learned to trust what they say. Streepod 

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Ryan Tubridy, RTE

"I just loved it!

Loved the can do attude "